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         a bit about me:

            I have always dreamed BIG and desired MORE. When I entered college, I never changed my major and always knew my desired career path, Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media. I excelled and graduated cum laude. I did marketing as much as I possibly could. From giving out samples at local ABC Stores to  grassroots, door to door marketing. My love for social media, and marketing design even saved my job as a "Office Manager." Instead of copying papers, I noticed my boss had a HORRIBLE online reputation and even worse website. I redesigned it and after he closed his business and opened a new one, he kept me around for marketing consultation. Making two websites for him made me notice two things.....there are more people with NO websites and NO online representation.

           The price of many websites nowadays? MORE THAN TWO GRAND ($2,000)! So what about these local business with small budgets and little to no technical experience? That's where I come in.

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